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Northamptonshire Speed Camera Locations

Welcome to the speed camera database for Northamptonshire - included in our database are the locations of both fixed and mobile speed cameras across the county.

All of the speed trap locations below have been sent into us by motorists. If you know of a speed camera location that doesn't appear below, please click here to report it.

As well as adding new safety camera locations to the Northamptonshire database you can also update, add and amend the details to current locations. To do this, simply click the 'Updatelocation'link found below in each individual location page e.g. EMNOR047.

Northamptonshire County Council withdraw funding from the Casualty Reduction Partnership in 2011. In a statement Assistant Chief Constable Martin Jelley wrote: "As a consequence of that decision will be a vastly reduced service within the county, which is highly likely to mean the fixed safety cameras are switched off." Read more.