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VECTOR Average Speed Cameras Explained

Vector Average Speed CameraLaunched in 2014 VECTOR average speed cameras come from the same company as SPECS average speed cameras. These speed cameras work in the same way as SPECS speed cameras by measuring the average speed of your vehicle between two or more locations by using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Not only can the VECTOR catch speeding motorists but also they can do the following:

‣Bus lane enforcement
‣Level crossings
‣Red light enforcement
‣Yellow box violations
‣Access control
‣Congestion charging
‣Parking management

Did you know? Vectors cameras that are NOT yellow are normal ANPR cameras. Only the yellow ones are used for speed enforcement.

The rise in popularity of VECTOR and SPECS average speed cameras has come as the cost of installing them has dropped. According to Richard Owen, from Road Safety Analysis the cost of installing a SPECS average speed check zone in the early 2000s was £1.5m per mile, the cost in 2016 was typically about £100,000 per mile.

How do VECTOR speed cameras work?

Lone VECTOR speed camera keeps watchVECTOR speed camera systems commonly enforce speed limits on dual carriageways and road with bidirectional travel. The VECTOR system are located at the side of the road or at central reservations. Cameras are then located at regular intervals to operate a managed speed control zone.

Each VECTOR speed camera records a date and time stamp. Then, by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the computer can then work out your average speed between the cameras with photographic evidence that you were speeding between the VECTOR cameras. VECTOR speed cameras also record your number plate and issue you a speeding ticket if you were speeding along the average speed controlled stretch of road.

It cannot be detected by radar and laser speed camera detectors - you will need a GPS speed camera detector.

Do you have a question about VECTOR average safety cameras? You can read UK motorist's VECTOR questions and answers and you can also ask your own unanswered question via our online form. Alternatively, read UK drivers VECTOR average camera comments.

Points and Penalties

The absolute minimum penalty for being caught speeding on the UK's roads increased 66.7% in July 2013 from £60 to £100 fine. A minimum of 3 penalty points will also be added to your licence.

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post with the code SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40 or SP50. Read more about speeding fines.

No film

Unlike other speed cameras VECTOR speed cameras don't use film so there is no limit to the number of incriminating motorists it can help to prosecute. Your number plate, date and time stamp are stored by each VECTORS camera and then if your average speed between the cameras is above the speed limit you will automatically be issued a speeding fine.

VECTOR speed camera installations

30mph average speed camera zone controlled by VECTOR speed camerasThe VECTOR speed camera can be installed on traffic signals, street lighting columns, gantries and bridges.

The VECTOR speed camera includes two cameras housed within one unit. The camera can monitor two lanes of traffic either bi-directional or a dual-carriageway (same direction of travel). The camera unit also has a sun visor to help operate in all conditions.

Images captured by the VECTOR speed camera can be transmitted by communications media or stored in the local high capacity memory. The VECTOR cameras will record vehicle registration number, read confidence, time, date and camera location. Features of the speed camera also include GPS clock, compass, accelerometer and two light sensors. The VECTOR will work in all weather and lighting conditions (day and night) and can catch speeding vehicles up to the maximum speed of today's fastest cars.

A number of local authorities are now adopting average speed cameras in favour of the traditional fixed point speed check cameras. For example Lincolnshire have replaced their fixed Gatso cameras on the A15 (just south of Lincoln) with a three camera VECTOR average speed check.

VECTOR average speed camera locations

What is your view and experiences with VECTOR speed cameras in the UK? Tell us and read more VECTOR average speed camera comments. Alternatively, if you have a question relating to SPECS average speed cameras, please see our VECTOR speed camera Q&A page.

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Last updated: 11th September 2023