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Northamptonshire A4500 - Wellingbourgh Road Speed Camera Location

Speed Camera: Truvelo
Nearest Town/Village: Northampton
Road Name: A4500 - Wellingbourgh Road
Direction of enforcement: Both directions
Speed Limit: 30mph
Camera reference number: EMNOR044

Speed Camera Details: Located between the BP Garage on the eastbound carriageway (towards Weston Favell and Wellingborough) and the Car Showroom / Westonia Chip shop on the westbound carriageway (towards Northampton town centre). This blue with yellow markings, Truvelo is positioned in the centre of the road and can be rotated to take pictures of oncoming traffic from either direction. Ready to run, it is not yet in use but is scheduled to become operational at the start of April 2003. On the Multimap.com image the camera is about at the "d" in the word "Road".

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Truvelo speed cameraTruvelo safety cameras like the one in the above speed camera location use loops in the roads surface to trigger the camera when a speeding vehicle passes them.

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