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Smartphone Speed Camera App Buyer's Guide

If you are looking to buy an speed camera detector App for your smartphone you may not be aware of the different features that speed camera detector apps offer. Here we introduce you to the features of different speed camera apps.

You may prefer to read about speed cameras with dedicated speed camera detectors or sat nav systems.

On screen information

Smartphone Apps vary in the type of information displayed on screen. For example the TomTom speed camera App and Cyclops Speed Watch Live App have a basic display which shows your speed and the speed limit of the road. They will also tell you the type of speed camera in the road ahead. Both Apps will detect both fixed and mobile speed cameras.

There is also a Camera Alert app that instead shows a map where speed camera locations appear and a warning is made. Again, this app shows your speed, the road speed limit and type of camera in the road ahead.

Introduction to TomTom speed camera detector App

TomTom's advertisement for its speed camera detector App

Voice alerts

The speed camera Apps will alert you via sound to each location. The TomTom App beeps at each speed camera location. Speedwatch Live announces the type of camera and then beeps.


Speed camera Apps only use GPS technology which relies on a GPS database of speed camera locations. The speed camera locations database includes mobile and fixed cameras. On many of the speed camera Apps, such as the TomTom App, you can add locations to the database when you drive past a location not in the database at the press of a button.

Speed camera database cost

The TomTom App is currently free for 12 months but is usually £1.49 monthly or £14.99 a year. Camera alert is free to download and use in your vehicle. SpeedWatch Live is free during their trial and is usually £9.99 for UK and Ireland.

Last updated: 11th September 2023