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Watchman Speed Cameras Explained

Watchman speed cameras are rear facing roadside cameras similar to Gatso speed cameras using radar to detect speeding vehicles. Watchman traffic cameras are currently on trial awaiting type approval prior to a national installation programme. In addition to the radar module, Watchman also features a second camera for Number Plate Recognition (NPR).

Watchman speed cameras work using radar technology like a Gatso. A radar stream is constantly emitted and when a vehicle passes through above the speed limit a photograph is taken. But unlike a Gatso the Watchman traffic camera calculates your speed as you approach the camera location. Slowing down just as you reach the Watchman speed camera isn't enough as your speed will have already been monitored and will be recorded as you pass the camera, together with a photo of your vehicle. This provides the Watchman speed camera system with a much larger area of monitoring and enforcing the road speed limit.

Points and Penalties

The absolute minimum penalty for being caught speeding on the UK's roads increased 66.7% in July 2013 from £60 to £100 fine. A minimum of 3 penalty points will also be added to your licence.

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post. Read more about speeding fines.

Watchman locations

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Last updated: 11th September 2023