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New type of digital Truvelo speed cameras

A new version of the forward facing Truvelo speed camera has been installed in two locations in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The new Truvelo camera which is completely digital doesn't require any film, instead images of speeding motorists are wirelessly sent to a back office for processing.

Commenting on the new cameras Simon D'Vali, chair of West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, said: "The new cameras on York Road are the first sites in Leeds district to have been replaced with modern digital cameras. These sites have been at the road side for 13 years, camera housings do not last forever and in the intervening time camera technology has moved on. The West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership has a rolling programme that, over the course of 20 or 30 years, will see all the county's cameras moved to digital".

He also added "The new digital sites transmit photographs and speed readings directly to the back office for checking, there is no requirement for a technician to drive to site, collect the film, then develop it."

Mr D'Vali finally commented "The partnership exists to reduce casualties. We know safety cameras are an effective tool to do this. We are making savings, so with the digital cameras we can effectively do more for less money."

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Added: 14th September 2013.

Britain's top ten most lucrative speed cameras raked in £12million in just three years

Ten of the most lucrative speed cameras in the country made a massive £12million in just three years:

1. M6 near Stockport - £1,932,300 - 32,205 fines
2. A4042, Newport - £1,414,920 - 23,582 fines
3. A2034, Southampton - £1,307,520 - 21,792 fines
4. Scotland Road, Liverpool - £1,235,580 - 20,593 fines
5. A127, Essex - £1,229,880 - 20,498 fines
6. Limehouse Link, London - £1,135,980 - 18,933 fines
7. A56, Chester - £1,045,920 - 17,432 fines
8. A22, East Sussex - £965,040 - 16,084 fines
9. A57, Sheffield - £897,300 - 14,955 fines
10. A40, Lea, Gloucestershire - £838,500 - 13,975 fines

Cameras used in England and Wales caught 200,000 speeding motorists, making millions for the state it was revealed yesterday in the Express.

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Added: 28th August 2013.

Top 10 Cambridge roads for speeding tickets revealed

The top 10 roads where police have caught speeding motorists in Cambridge have been revealed:

1. Milton Road - 1,757
2. Victoria Avenue - 1,427
3. Newmarket Road - 1,122
4. Hills Road - 944
5. Elizabeth Way - 847
6. Histon Road - 583
7. Trumpington Road - 429
8. High Street, Trumpington - 367
9. Huntingdon Road - 350
10. Ditton Lane - 202

In total, the county's fixed speed cameras were set off more than 42,000 times in 2011/12 and police mobile traps 27,000 times. But in the last year the combined total fell to 50,190.

Added: 22nd August 2013.

Cost of being caught speeding goes up

The minimum penalty for speeding has gone up from £60 to £100. 3 penalty points added to your licence remains unchanged. Read more: http://bit.ly/152mdmT

Added: 22nd August 2013.

First average SPECS speed cameras along the A1079 in East Yorkshire planned

Safer Roads Humber is planning to install the region's first average speed cameras along the A1079. Ruth Gore, of Safer Roads Humber, said "the existing 14 Truvelo cameras installed in August 2006 are nearing the end of their shelf life". She said: "We are finding some people 'camera-surf', which is dangerous and causes cars to 'bunch up' around cameras. "Average speed cameras mean people have to comply with the national speed limit along the entire stretch of the route." Read more: http://bit.ly/17Mz6NZ.

Added: 22nd August 2013.

Northamptonshire Police to target speeding motorcyclists after biker caught travelling at 120mph

As part of the crackdown, officers are to target seven so-called motorbike 'red routes' where high numbers of serious collisions have taken place over recent months.

The red routes are:

A361 - Daventry to Banbury
A508 - Northampton to Brixworth
A509 - Wellingborough to Bozeat
A45 - Mereway to Sixfields
A5 - Towcester to Weedon
427 - Oundle to Corby
B645 - Rushden to Kimbolton

Added: 13th August 2013.

Thousands caught breaking M275 speed limit

Police say they recorded 4,488 offences on the road in Hampshire since the average speed cameras were switched on in March. Read More: http://bit.ly/19sf551

Last updated: 11th September 2023