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Cancellation/Returns Policy

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us via the contact details below:

e-mail: sales@speedcamerasuk.com
A specific address for returning goods will be advised with return instructions after you have cancelled the contract.

If you are unclear about your rights or require advice, you can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506. We work closely with Peterborough Trading Standards. You may also wish to contact your local Trading Standards office. 

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. As a result, and in compliance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations, we offer UK and EU consumers a 14 day cancellation of contract (starting from the day when your purchase is delivered). Please note: the Consumer Contracts Regulations apply only to Business to Consumer transactions within the European Union. They do not apply to business to business (B2B) and Corporate transactions. They do not apply to transactions outside of the European Union.

You cannot cancel and we will not take back and exchange or refund opened or activated software or mapping (supplied on CD, DVD, SD or microSD card), all of which can be readily copied. Similarly, activated subscriptions cannot be refunded.

The 14 day cancellation period provides UK and EU consumers with a cooling off period to assess their purchase. You have a right to cancel the contract without giving any reason. The cancellation period starts when we enter into a contract with you and will end 14 days after you have taken possession of the goods (or they have been accepted at your delivery address) we are supplying you. In order to exercise your right to cancel you must inform us of your decision by a clear statement in writing* (we recommend by e-mail). We will acknowledge your cancellation and send you specific return instructions along with a unique returns number and a specific returns address which may differ from our registered office address. Please do NOT return anything until we have responded to your cancellation advice.

You have a duty of care to ensure that goods are kept in pristine condition. The Consumer Contracts Regulations allows us to make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss of value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. You must handle the product no more than you might in a shop. If a product is returned in perfect condition suitable for reselling then we will have no hesitation in reimbursing you. Ask yourself, 'would I have accepted this product if I had received it in the condition in which I am returning it?' If the answer is 'no' then we will almost certainly make a deduction from any refund.

IMPORTANT: Please do not return anything without contacting us in writing to request a unique returns number. In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations a clear statement of cancellation is required from you. *To avoid any misunderstanding we cannot accept cancellation of contract by telephone and will ALWAYS request that you confirm cancellation by e-mail or letter. If you cancel by letter sent through the mail network please do NOT send it with the goods that you wish to cancel/return. We need to send you clear return instructions and confirm the terms and conditions under which your return is being accepted.

Returning your purchase (UK and EU consumers)

Should you wish to return your purchase within the Consumer Contracts Regulations 14 day period, we ask that you first e-mail us to request a RMA number (RMA = Returns Material Authorisation). This allows us to allocate you with a unique RMA number and enables a smoother return - we can ensure you have all the information you need to make the return and we know that your purchased item(s) is on its way back to us. This procedure has been established with 11+ years online trading.

The following is compiled from our Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions in full before returning a purchase or requesting an RMA number.

"All original packaging should be returned, and the goods should be free from defect. The Consumer Contracts Regulations allows us to make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss of value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by You. The Consumer Contracts Regulations allow 14 days for a reimbursement to be made after the returned goods are received by Us. If You chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of delivery offered by Us the maximum reimbursement of Your original delivery charge will be Our lowest delivery charge. We will not collect any goods from You. The goods must be returned by You (at Your expense)... ...We will not accept a returned item without a unique RMA number displayed on the address label, which We will allocate to Your specific return. We are an internet only reseller. We do not advertise anywhere other than on the internet. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a purchaser will have access to an e-mail address. Your RMA number will be advised by e-mail only.. ..Return instructions will be included with the e-mail."

Returning your purchase (International and business customers)

Please contact us by e-mail to discuss any issue you may have with your purchase. We will not usually accept International and business returns unless the item is genuinely faulty.

Faulty goods

Goods found to be faulty after 14 days - please e-mail us with full details of the fault(s). Do NOT return anything unless we have issued return instructions along with a unique RMA number (RMA = Returns Material Authorisation).

Goods found to be faulty after 14 days - please email us with full details of the fault(s). Do NOT return anything unless we have issued return instructions along with a unique RMA number (RMA = Returns Material Authorisation).

In addition to the 14 day return, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 allows for a full refund if a fault develops within 30 days of receipt of purchase but you must contact us within the 30 days. If a fault is reported after 30 days, and within six months of purchase, you have the right to a replacement, or a repair if you prefer. However, you lose this right if you have broken or damaged the product. We are under no obligation to give a refund after the 30 day period has expired. After six months the Consumer Rights Act advises that your right to a replacement or repair can depend upon you showing that the product was faulty when you bought it. Some manufacturers offer a warranty period when they elect to take back and repair or replace a genuinely faulty product. By contacting us we will be able to advise you where to return your purchase.

Communication is essential. For all returns we will advise you where to send the product and under what terms we are accepting the return, and whether we are offering a refund, repair or replacement. There is no automatic entitlement to a refund after 30 days. Until you contact us we will have no knowledge that you have had any issues with your purchase. We cannot accept a backdated fault, for example: complaining that a product has never worked but not contacting us for several weeks is not acceptable. You must report the fault when it occurs – not weeks or months later. You will be deemed to have had uninterrupted use of the product until you advise us otherwise. We may, at our option and as goodwill gesture, offer a partial refund – bearing in mind that you will have had uninterrupted use from the product until you advise otherwise. Returning a product without contacting us is not recommended. You may be sending a product back to an incorrect address and it may not be accepted. Unless it has been agreed you should not send anything back to the manufacturer. Your contract is with us – not the manufacturer. The manufacturer cannot offer you a refund. As the retailer it is only us who can action your rights and obligations under the law. You must give us the opportunity to offer solutions in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Returns: Additional information and troubleshooting

Before returning anything we request that you contact us by email. We will then issue a unique returns number via e-mail along with specific return instructions. It is also useful for us to know if you are returning an item as faulty and whether you require a refund or an exchange. We cannot accept returned products delivered personally.

"Not contacting us in writing (or not contacting us at all!) is the primary cause for any issues with returning products. It is quite simple - if we have issued a returns number to you we will be expecting the return of your order at a specific address via a signed for service."

The following FAQs will usually only apply if:
1. you have not read the despatch e-mail which we send before orders are received
2. you did not read the information on the basket pages whilst purchasing
3. you did not read the Terms and Conditions which were also on the basket page

Does it matter if I send something back without contacting you?

You may be sending it back to the wrong address. The contract cancellation period may have expired. You may not even be our customer - we cannot process the return of a product which we have not sold to you. This is the prime reason why we do not accept unsolicited packages. The law requires that our receipt shows the registered office address of Active Alliance Limited. This is the address registered at Companies House. However this address may be unattended and unsolicited parcels may not be accepted. If the registered office address is unattended the delivery driver should take your package back to a local depot and should also leave an advisory card. However they may decide to leave your package in what they consider to be a safe location on site. We cannot accept responsibility for any package left outside in any unsecure location. If you do contact us before you return anything we will usually give you a specific returns address which will be different to our Active Alliance Limited registered office. Therefore any item sent to our registered office could be returned to a local Delivery Office until it is either collected, refused, or is automatically returned to sender after a specific number of days. We may not know that a delivery has been attempted and will therefore not seek out an item. Our Terms and Conditions advise every customer: "If you need to return an item please obtain an RMA returns number prior to return. Please contact Us BEFORE you return anything. The Consumer Contracts Regulations require that cancellation of contract must be made via a clear statement." We will ALWAYS ask you to confirm a cancellation in writing.

So why does the combined delivery label/invoice show your registered office address for 'undelivered items' if you don't accept any goods at that address?

All of our packages are sent using a signed for service with a tracking number. If an item is returned as undelivered by Royal Mail we simply collect the item from our local Royal Mail Delivery Office. From the information that Royal Mail supply via a red sticker on the package we can usually see why it has not reached its destination and it will still have our original complete tracking number label on it. It is not an unsolicited delivery and it does not need a returns number because, upon collection, we can see that it is in our unopened packaging and it has never reached its destination.

Help, I have already returned an item to you without contacting you. Where is it?

It may have been refused, in which case it is on its way back to you. It might be at a Royal Mail Delivery Office, or it could be lost. If you had contacted us before sending it back we would be expecting it; it would have a unique returns number on it; it would be going to the correct address; we would have advised how to pack it and under what terms we would be refunding and the timescale. We would always recommend to customers that they use a signed for/tracked service. This avoids any arguments over whether an item has been sent/received and is one reason why we send everything via a signed for service. If your package is lost Royal Mail will require proof of posting. If you did use a tracked and signed for service you should be able to check online where it actually is.

OK, well I sent it back anyway and I want a refund now under the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations requires that cancellation of contract be advised in a clear statement by you. If you do not cancel the contract in writing within the prescribed 14 day period then we are not obliged to take back goods or offer a refund. Anything we offer after that period is at our discretion and is a without prejudice goodwill gesture.

Why do you hide behind a legal term like 'without prejudice goodwill gesture'?

We need to comply with the law. The Consumer Contracts Regulations are very clear regarding the 14 day cancellation period. We are not obliged to offer a refund or exchange goods after that time. We have also clarified this point with our local trading standards office. If we offer a refund or exchange after this time without referring to a 'without prejudice goodwill gesture' customers can (and have) declared that as we have gone against the law our complete Terms and Conditions are null and void.

We have learnt that we need to stick rigidly to the law – even if we want to be helpful. By not offering any assistance after the Consumer Contracts Regulations cancellation period has expired Active Alliance Limited trading as SpeedCamerasUK.com are complying with the law. By using the term 'without prejudice goodwill gesture' we can, if we wish, offer assistance without being accused of not complying with the law.

I have already sent something back without contacting you. Can you help me?

Please e-mail us with the transaction details including product details along with your name and address and the reason for the return. We will allocate a returns number and request that you accept the associated return instructions. Depending upon whether it is still within the provisions of the Consumer Contracts Regulations we may agree to contact or visit the local delivery office and ask the staff if your package is awaiting collection.

I only want to return something to your official registered office address.

Our registered office address is the one which is registered at Companies House and is where official notices are to be served to Active Alliance Limited. No goods are stored and no orders are processed at the registered office. Whilst you are free to send anything to that address it may delay the processing of a returned product as it will need to be forwarded to a different returns processing centre, and it may first need to be collected from a delivery office – assuming that the delivery company have advised us that a package is awaiting collection. We would still recommend that you contact us to request a returns number as this will pave the way for your return to be expected and either accepted, forwarded or collected from a local delivery office.

Why didn't you advise me about your returns policy when I purchased?

Your receipt advises that you need to contact us BEFORE you return anything.

Our returns policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions which apply to your contract with us. You have the opportunity to read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

A link to the page that you are reading now can be found at the foot of every page of this website. It is a requirement of the law that we also supply customers with our Terms and Conditions or returns policy via a durable medium. E-mail is regarded as a durable medium since it cannot be altered once it has been sent to you. Similarly cancellation of contract should be via a durable medium. We ALWAYS acknowledge a cancellation of contract and/or a request to return a product for refund or exchange. If you telephone to cancel the contract we will ALWAYS request cancellation in writing via a durable medium as it is in your interest to have proof that you have clearly cancelled the contract. We e-mail customers when we despatch an order. This e-mail includes our Terms and Conditions and also, immediately below your tracking number, we do draw attention to our returns procedure and the Consumer Contracts Regulations cancellation period.

If you do not supply an e-mail address we will send a copy of our return instructions along with information about the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

If you supply an invalid e-mail address our despatch e-mail will be returned whereupon we will telephone you seeking an alternate e-mail address before your order is received. If our e-mail is not returned it will be deemed that it has been received. If you do not see our e-mail it is almost certain that your e-mail provider has automatically treated it as spam or junk and you will usually find that it is in your spam/junk folder.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the returns policy please e-mail us or use the online form on our contact us page.

Last updated: 11th September 2023