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Origin b2 Review

Review: Origin b2
Detection range: 2000 metres
Technology: External GPS antenna. LCD screen. Verbal warnings.
Installation: Windscreen mounting
SSP: Replaced by the Pogo Alert

Origin b2 Features:

Know the speed limit - Verbal warnings issued immediately stating hazard type and road speed limit.
‣No false alerts - Directional feature that limits warnings for speed traps positioned in the direction of vehicle travel.
‣Above speed limit warning - Limitator feature that triggers warnings only when the vehicle is exceeding the posted legal speed limit.
‣Motorway speed camera alerts - Motorway feature that only provides warnings on the motorway network and not on adjacent road networks.

Origin b2 - Features Reviewed

The Origin b2 - Driver Safety and Information System will warn drivers of approaching safety cameras (Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, DS2), mobile/hand-held laser speed cameras, accident blackspots, schools and congestion charging zones.

The Origin b2 provides 2,000 metre advanced warning to speed cameras. Verbal warnings state the speed limit and the camera. It can be set to warn only when above the speed limit and that is a good feature when driving in built-up/congested areas. The countdown in seconds or metres feature allows the user to select advanced warning in metres or seconds and the motorway feature restricts warning to the motorway network and not on adjacent road networks.

The Origin b2 provides more than 30 features. Once the features are set by the user the unit will provide alerts to speed cameras in the tailored way selected. The Origin b2 is the only unit that offers such a range of user-definable features.

In range of speed cameras, warnings can be set to verbal or tone with user-definable volume settings, the Origin b2's LED's also begin to flash. The LCD screen displays when in range of speed camera type of speed trap (symbol), direction of speed trap (arrow), vehicle speed, speed limit, road number, countdown (metres and seconds) to speed camera and progress bar to speed camera.

The Origin b2 can be hardwired into the vehicle though the cigarette lighter adaptor provided allows the fast installation. The Origin b2 second car kit can be purchased to move the Origin b2 between vehicles with ease.

Origin b2 Questions Answered:

Could you please let me know who now maintains the Origin b2 speed Camera database?

Road Angel took over but I understand that it has been taken over by another company. The new company claims not to recognise owners of the Origin.

The honest answer is we don't know.

Here's what we do know…

The Pogo/Origin brand was acquired by Road Angel Group in 2012. Road Angel Group continued to sell the Pogo Alert Plus for some time and were also providing Origin and Pogo speed camera subscriptions.

In November 2016, the Road Angel brand was acquired by In Phase International Ltd. From what we understand In Phase International Ltd are selling Road Angel speed camera subscriptions.

Unfortunately, we have no further Origin or Pogo subscription information.

Origin b2 alternative purchases:

The PogoAlert replaces the Origin b2 and features a 1.8" TFT colour LCD screen and provides warnings to fixed speed cameras via the Origin360 camera database. In addition an infra-red Laser detector (which is removable) provides warnings to mobile based speed traps.


Snooper S6-R neo

Like the Origin b2 the Snooper S6-R neo provides speed limit and distance to speed camera. The Origin b2 included GPS and Laser technology, whereas the Snooper S6-R neo also includes in addition Radar technology, one of the only systems on the market to combine all three technologies.

Snooper S6-R neo

Last updated: 11th September 2023