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Kent speed camera locations

Welcome to the speed camera database for Kent and Medway - included in our database are the locations of both fixed and mobile speed cameras across the county.

All of the speed trap locations below have been sent into us by motorists. If you know of a speed camera location that doesn't appear below, please click here to report it.

As well as adding new safety camera locations to the Kent database you can also update, add and amend the details to current locations. To do this, simply click the 'Update location' link found below in each individual location page e.g. SEK053.

The UK's first HADECS 3 speed camera is live and active in Kent on the M25, view the camera here.

Speedspike Speed Camera Locations

A number of Speedspike cameras on both carraigeways of the A2 between Dartford Heath and Falconwood (50mph limit). Most of them seem to be linked to the joining carraigeways, but at Dartford heath (eastbound in place, westbound looks like it's coming soon) have two on a gantry.


More safety cameras in surrounding counties

To view speed cameras locations in surrounding counties to the West Midlands please choose from the list below.


To view the entire country click here.

HADECS 3 speed camera

HADECS 3HADECS 3 which is short for Highway Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System 3 is one the newest speed cameras to be installed on UK roads.

The cameras are small in size, often painted grey and are therefore very difficult to spot. HADECS 3 speed cameras are currently being installed in smart motorway locations on some of the UKs busiest motorways including the M1, M6 and M25.

West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme

West Midlands speed cameras are managed by the West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme (WMCRS) and began in October 2002 (as West Midlands Casualty Reduction Partnership) as part of the National Safety Camera Programme.

Cheetah c550 Speed and Red light camera detector

Cheetah c550 provides alerts to speed cameras right across not only the UK, but many countries around the world too, using the Trinity GPS database.

The Cheetah c550 is one of many speed cameras detectors you can buy from SpeedCamerasUK.com. View the shop.