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City of York Speed Camera Location

VECTORNearest Town/village: York
Road Name: Malton Road
Direction of Camera: Westbound
Speed Limit: 40mph

Speed Camera Details: Positioned immediately after the 40mph road sign on the A1036 Malton road and just before the Jockey Lane roundabout to the Park and ride, Monks cross shopping centre etc.

Camera is very small (looks like a Speed Spike or a VECTOR camera) and painted grey, there is a notice warning of this speed enforcement camera on the same pole.

Pretty sure this an average trap which picks up your number plate as you exit the Hop Grove roundabout then clocks you at the other end or vice versa if travelling out of York. Don't think this will get you if you stray over the 40mph line but will if your average is over say 68mph.

Camera reference number: YOR002

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