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Wrexham Speed Camera Location

GatsoNearest Town/village: Wrexham
Road Name: A534 - Holt Road
Direction of Camera: Westbound
Speed Limit: 30mph

Speed Camera Details: Speed camera is located on the A534 (Holt Road) about half a mile from the town centre and about half a mile from the Rugby Club roundabout and the Esso service station and after the PHS plumbers merchants on the right. It is mounted on the left hand side (single direction towards town) and located just after the pedestrian lights by the Co-Op at the junction of Archers Way and Borras Road. It is painted yellow but not immediately viewable because of the traffic lights. In my opinion, it is mounted just after the lights which are always in regular use because of the Co-Op store so many cars have to stop for the signals and it is not linked to the lights although you can never trust what they might do to increase revenue.

Camera reference number: WAW008

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