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Cornwall Speed Camera Location

GatsoNearest Town/village: Landrake
Road Name: A38
Direction of Camera: Eastbound
Speed Limit: 50mph

Speed Camera Details: This speed camera camera is hidden unless you know where to look between the signposts and the tree cover. You reach the 50mph limit (from 40mph) and it is on the left just before the police vehicle layby. It is a single lane road at that point. All of the locals know about it. The road markings have been put on both east and westbound lanes so I am not sure if it does both sides. Here is the description for the westbound; as you leave Notter Bridge the A38 passes a garage on the left. As you pass this, the road goes up the hill (two Lanes) and bears left, on the straight before you get to Landrake the speed camera is about 200yds up on the right facing you.

Camera reference number: SWC016

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Gatsometer speed camera

The above camera location uses a Gatso camera. The static Gatso is the most widely used camera in the UK and uses radar technology.

Being caught speeding by a Gatso will result in a minimum 3 penalty points and £100 fine, or if available a driving awareness course.

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