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Tyneside and Teesside Speed Camera Location

Mobile Speed CameraNearest Town/village: Houghton le Spring
Road Name: A690
Direction of Camera: Westbound
Speed Limit: 50mph

Speed Camera Details: Parks in layby approximately 1.2 miles west of A19/A690 junction with rearwards facing camera in 50MPH limit area. This layby is just before the A690 drops downhill into Houghton at Houghton Cut. When passing the old Reg Vardy site travelling westbound, the Lay-by is unsighted until a further 400yards then you're in sight and range of the camera.

Also on opposite carriageway, sometimes parksmin layby with camera facing westbound to catch eastbound traffic as it comes over the crest of the hill.

Frequently also parks on Houghton Cut above Lake interchange both eastbound and westbound, and lately another 500yards further westbound just after overpass and is unseen until the road straightens.

Camera reference number: NETT029

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