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Greater London A406 Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road) Speed Camera Location


Speed Camera: SpeedCurb
Nearest Town/Village: Gunnersbury
Road Name: A406 Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road)
Direction of enforcement: Northbound
Speed Limit: 30mph
Camera reference number: GL145

Speed Camera Details: SpeedCurb speed camera sited outside the International School on the A406 Gunnersbury Avenue, reduced from 40mph to 30mph September 2015. A photo of the approach to the speed camera is pictured below.

SpeedCurb speed camera sited outside the International School on the A406 Gunnersbury Avenue, reduced from 40mph to 30mph September 2015. A photo of the approach to the speed camera is pictured below.

SpeedCamerasUK.com says: We've received a high number of emails relating to the reduction from 40mph to 30mph for this speed camera location. Here is a typical email:

I got flashed by a speed camera 22nd September 2015 on the A406 just past Chiswick roundabout outside International School London roughly at 5.40am. It has always been a 40mph road it has recently changed down to 30mph. There was no warning of the change and only one 30mph sign high up on a lamp post bad visibility is poor. Where the speed camera lines are there is a 40mph sign, I drove at 40mph and got flashed I have driven this same route for nearly 10 years and I have evidence of the confusion of signs and not enough signs to state it has changed down to a 30mph road whilst taking my photos I was there 15mins. I think about 50 vehicles have been flashed as there is no warning of the change and lack of 30mph signs.

Another motorist writes:

Gunnersbury Road A406, which has been commented about on your site. I recently got hit by this one, having driven regularly at 40mph on this stretch and being totally unaware of the changes. I drove along here this morning and noted that there are, in a matter of only a couple of hundred yards, no less than three different speed limits shown.....30pmh then 20mph then 40mph. Confusing? No doubt a great revenue raiser! Yesterday, driving southbound and approaching this zone, I counted three vehicles being flashed, travelling north. Is this confusing signage fair?

Another motorist writes (15 July 2016):

I write regarding speed camera ref #GL145. Is there anything that can be done through consorted effort to challenge this camera. I have just received a letter re travelling at 36mph past this camera on 2 July. I have driven along this road almost every day for the last 20 years, observing a 40mph speed limit. The signs are extremely confusing with a 20mph sign at the layby, a 40mph sign at the camera itself, and a new 30mph sign that I've only noticed checking the road after receiving my letter. I feel this is deliberately misleading. I'm not a 'boy racer' and haven't had a speeding ticket for over 25 years. And I have travelled past this camera several time since 2 July, innocently thinking I was observing a 40mph speed limit - more nasty letters could be on the way. There are several local discussions groups where people are outraged at the ticket or tickets they've received. One person now has 9 pints on their licence due to 3 tickets incurred in the space of 2-3 days. There MUST be something that can be done against this misleading, money-making camera - this isn't justice.

Another motorist writes (3rd January 2017):

I have read various posts on your site from people that have been coaught by this camera travelling between 35mph - 40mph. I got caught in July 16 and wrote back accepting the penalty. I only received a letter 2 weeks ago confirming that a fine and 3 points would be allocated.

I am now thinking about contesting this but wanted to know if you know of anyone that has contested this and won?

Camera reference number: GL145

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